Anne-Marie Quinn Hallman, from Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Bellflower, California has been awarded the National Association of Perinatal Social Work (NAPSW) Award for Excellence, for 2009. This award was given at the opening banquet of the 33nd National Conference, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on May 6th. Anne-Marie was nominated by three NAPSW members: Kay Ammon, San Jose, CA., Barb Menard, San Diego, CA., and Debby Segi-Kovach, St. Petersburg, FL. Debby had written in her nomination letter “Anne-Marie is an amazing person, mother, wife, friend and perinatal social worker. She has learned to balance her personal life and professional life in an extraordinary way”. Kay Ammon wrote “Anne-Marie has a positive attitude about anything she does and inspires others to be better professionally and personally.” Anne-Marie has been a member of the NAPSW since 1991, and has served this organization in many capacities, including elected positions as NAPSW President (2003-2005), Vice President (2001-2003) and Board Member (1995-2001). She has been the chair of several of the NAPSW’s committees: Long-Range Planning, Standards and Awards, and Membership.